The Year That Would Not Begin is a short film exploring depression and fantasy, dedicated to all the folks sitting on their couches waiting for their super powers to be revealed. Written and directed by Kacie Smith Choreographed by Carson Reiners     


























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     This piece will be devised initially as a live performance. It explores depression and fantasy - the banality of life juxtaposed with the powerful images we receive from popular culture. This piece is for the folks sitting on their couch waiting for their super powers to be revealed or waiting for the men in suits to show up on their doorstep and tell them they are earth's only hope. This is for the jedis and warriors and secret agents and x-men. This is for us.    

A short film about depression and our inner fantasy worlds, written and directed by Kacie Smith.





      Kendell Pinkney is a Brooklyn based theatre writer and music producer. A graduate of Oberlin College and New York University’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program,   Kendell  ’s collaborative works and songs have been performed at venues such as 54 Below and Joe’s Pub, to name a few. Recently, his musical   MANchild   with collaborator, Roderick Whitley, received a developmental reading at NYU (dir. Jerry Dixon). When not writing for the stage,   Kendell   maintains an active freelance career producing music for various New York based institutions, companies, and artists.         In 760 CE, Laila, a 16 year old girl with a boundless curiosity only matched by her wild imagination, wants to be a biblical scribe like her uncle Mordechai, a caring man more keen on her having a traditional and secure livelihood. Present day, historical archaeologist Alicia Jacobs has been unearthing an ancient structure for years, but is struggling to put the disparate pieces together when a new scholar, Oscar, enters the scene with a personal mission to shake things up. As these stories unfold, Laila and Alicia’s realities weave together in ways that blur the lines between the real and the imagined and ask us to question the meanings of history, knowledge, expertise and narrative and who has the authority to decide which stories are worth telling.   If you're interested in producing LILITH - script requests should be directed to    

LILITH is a new play by Kendell Pinkney, created in collaboration with Kacie Smith.  Workshop and full production coming soon....

     “ Navigating the landscape of America and the collegiate and concert dance worlds – I lost my connection with my biological family and origins, but now I want to reach back. This show will be a kind of coming out, tracing my personal story and exposing how I have hidden my upbringing when faced with the white privilege of the contemporary dance world, and America as a whole. Trying to find a way to bridge the gap between how I was born and who I am today. And discovering the stories and histories I am a part of that I never learned in school ” 
   — Ahmad Jamal Simmons 




     AHMAD JAMAL will be developed between Chicago and New York, premiering in 2017 in Chicago. 

AHMAD JAMAL is a one-man autobiographical show about life and the lies we tell told through dance and jazz.