The ill-fated love between Leonardo and the Bride brings devastation to all those around them in this highly volatile and visceral Spanish tragedy. In our continued experimentation combining dance and theatre... we decided to tackle one of the greats: Federico Garcia Lorca's "Blood Wedding." Our intimate, blues-infused adaptation highlighted the continuing cycle of violence and the toll that takes on a community.

Written by Federico Garcia Lorca
Adapted and Directed by Kacie Smith
Choreography by Ahmad Simmons

Featuring: Krystal Mosley (Bride), Dan Rubens (Leonardo), Deanna K. Reed (Mother), Jeffery Owen Freelon Jr. (Bridegroom), Emily Berman (Leonardo's Wife), Lorraine Freund (Neighbor), Jessica Maynard (Servant), Cassandra Porter (Beggarwoman, Dancer), Karl Watson (Moon, Dancer).

Adam McCarthy (Scenic/Lighting Designer), Yonit Olshan (Costume Designer), Lisa Griebel (Properties Designer), Colin Fulton (Sound Designer/Composer), Jane Hiett (Dan Laushman), Kit Ryan (Stage Manager).