The Boxer is a comedic silent play written by Matt Lyle which performed at the Athenaeum in Chicago, summer 2014. One highlight of this production was the brilliant lighting design by Craig Kidwell using low pressure sodium bulbs which gave our entire stage a colorless sepia effect and allowed for a vibrant Wizard of Oz-style dream ballet. 

Written by Matt Lyle
Directed by Kacie Smith
Choreography by Ahmad Simmons

Featuring: Amber Snyder (Velma), Eric Duhon (the Boxer), Claire Bauman, Charlie Davis, Jason Hammond, Sonja Mata, Jamie Olah, Pat Rourke, and Andrew Scott Thorp

Shaun Renfro (Scenic Designer), Sarah Varca (Costume Designer), Craig Kidwell (Lighting/Projection Designer), 
Haley Borodine (Properties Designer), Radek Michalik (Cinamatographer/Videographer), Jane Hiett (Technical Director),
Lesley Fisher (Stage Manager), CJ Chapman (Assistant Stage Manager).