Ahmad and Kacie's first collaboration and experiment in the melding of drama and dance, written and directed by Kacie, choreographed by Ahmad, Thirty Thousand One is an epic unabashed fairy tale of creation and destruction which follows two soul mates who embark on a journey across the broken earth to find each other and unwittingly end the world.

The cast featured Luke Couzens (Simon), Julie Matolo (Ilsa), Lorraine Freund (Narrator), Andrew Goetten (Barnes), Josh Manculich (Earth), Jessica Tomlinson (Creator), Angela Dice (Humanity), Nico Ager (Pluto) Ensemble: Hayden Clifton, Marissa Horton, Brian Humphreys, Erin Kouwe, Michael McDonald, Emma Peterson, Cassandra Porter, Teagan Rose, Didi Scanlon, and Pavel Tabutov.

The production team featured Colin Fulton, composer; Henry Behel, set designer; Yonit Olshan, costume designer; Sarah Petty, lighting designer; Rachel Stubblefield-Tave, stage manager; Katie Caruso, development assistant; Naomi Rosen, producer; Katarina Podlesnaya, producer.